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CNC Machining Centers For Sale

 Holzher Evolution Vertical Machining Center, Model: 7405 4 MAT   (ref-machining-centers-1008)








Holzher Evolution Vertical Machining Center, Model: 7405 4 MAT
Work Piece Size: X=200-3200 mm (Longer with Additional Support
Y=70-1200 mm (=Max. Passage Height)
Panel Thickness Z=8-70mm
Max Machining in X Direction without re-clamping X=1500 mm
Max Machining in Y Direction Y=985 mm J. Cutter Radius
Max Drilling Height Horizontal in X Direction
H=1168 mm, Z-Stroke, Z=240mm
Max Programmable Feet Rate
Vector Speed: 68 M/MIN.,X=25 M/Min., Y=60 M/Min., Z=20 M/Min
Campus V7 Evolution CAD/CAM Software
Windows Based Industrial PC Controller, 4GB RAM, 256 GB M 2
21.5” Flat Screen Monitor 16.9
Router Spindle 7830 Power 7.5 KW Air Cooled
HSK F 63 Connector
1000-24000 RPM Infinitely Variable
Tool Changer 7887 6 Position Magazine (Pick Up System)
Drill Aggregate 7883 15 Spindles 1.5 KW
9 Vertical Spindles each can be Triggered Separately
5 in X and 4 (5) in Y-Direction, 32 mm Grid
6 Horizontal Spindles, 2 Double Drills X Direction
1 Double Drills Y Direction
Integrated Saw Aggregate X Direction
Tool Kit for Standard Drill Head 7883
2D Bar Code Scanner
Operation Manuals
100 Hours of Service
Year: 2020