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Biesse Akron Single Sided Edgebander, Model: 1440 A  (ref-edgebanders-1017.html)




Biesse Akron Model 1440 A Single Sided Edgebander
Year: 2020
Min. panel height: 10mm
Max. panel height: 60mm
• Height of edgebanding material: 14-64mm
• Thickness of edgebanding material in rolls: 0.4-3mm
Thickness of edgebanding in strips: 0.4-12mm
Min. panel protrusion from track: 25mm
Panel length: 140-3200mm
Min. panel width (with length 140mm): 85mm
Min. panel width (with length 250mm): 50mm
• Pre-milling unit RT 02
• Gluing, edge feeding and pressing unit VC-511
End trimming unit IN-801
Fine trimming unit RI-501
Multifunction 2 motor corner rounding unit ARO2 E
• Edge scraper unit RB02
• Glue scraper unit RC02
• Brushing unit
• Hot air blower unit PH-501
• Belt pressure beam. The top presser comprises a rubber belt with a
stain-proof coating. The thrust exercised on the panel is provided by springs
housed on techno polymer connecting rods.
Automatic track lubrication system with dynamic track absorption.
• Multiple speed kit, 12-18 m/min. • Manual infeed system for narrow pieces
Machine Capacities:
- Anti-adhesive unit ADZ02, to apply anti-adhesive liquid on the top and
bottom of the surface of the panel to ease a good cleaning of the piece
being processed. It is positioned before the pre-mill unit.
One coil automatic edge feeding
Hybrid gluing head for granulated EVA and polyurethane glue
Premelter TM10 for polyurethanic glue in cartridges. On demand top
loading premelter for PUR glues.
Adaptive infra red lamp to heat up the panel side before the glue
application, in order to optimize the adhesion process.
Device for the application of anti-static/cooling liquid before end trimming unit for
fast cooling of the glue line and to neutralize the electrostatic charges of the edge.
Independent pneumatic exclusion of the top/bottom unit for fine trimming unit.
Kit pro-nesting for fine trimming unit, equipped with 2 bearing copiers in additional
to the top vertical copier to permit processing of panels with holes and/or grooves
Sliding unit for corner rounding unit, for the application of sliding liquid before
the corner rounding unit
Kit pro-nesting for edge scraper unit, equipped with 2 bearing copiers in additional
to the top vertical copier to permit processing of panels with holes and/or grooves
- Kit for delicate panels for glue scraper unit
Cleaning unit LPT02 to apply a cleaning liquid of the glued edge
giving a perfect and polishing of the edge.